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Fast Track Your Fluency with a New Approach to Learning Languages

Mondly: Lifetime Subscription We all remember our old language classes from high school, filled with dry vocabulary and rehearsed sentences that make you come off about as convincing as a gas station burrito. Mondly takes a different approach to getting you fluent with the language of your choosing. Using state-of-the-art speech recognition, Mondly knows how to listen to your words and phrases and only gives positive feedback if you speak clearly and correctly. Combine this with Mondly's roster of professional voice actors and its conversation-focused curriculum, and you'll be well on your way to sounding like a true native after working through its fun and quick lessons.  Choose 5 of 33 languages to learn in your own native tongueMemorize core words, form sentences & take part in conversationsEnhance your education w/ a dictionary, verb conjugator & speech recognition technologyLearn pronunciation from conversations between native speakersBreak the learning process dow…

Get Videobolt Lifetime Subscription for $49.99 - Motion Graphics without After Effects for Youtube Video Intros, Title, Outros, Music Video, Product Presso and more

First impressions are critical, which is why companies aren't afraid to pay a pretty penny for videos that put their brand's best foot forward. But, for those of us launching our own products and brands, coming to grips with today's production tools (or financing a freelancer to do it for you) isn't always feasible. That's where Videobolt comes into the picture. A motion graphic design marketplace and template editor, Videobolt allows you to source and customize high-quality intro/outro animations, cinematic titles, promotional slideshows, and music visualizers, regardless of your editing know-how. With a Pro subscription, you'll get access to 96 videos per year, delivered as 8 videos a month, as well as a trove of Pro features that streamline the production process. 
Access 96 videos each year, delivered as 8 per monthPromote your brand w/ intro/outro animations, cinematic titles, promotional slideshows & music visualizersUse advanced customization tools t…

How to do a Video Tutorial in just 5 minutes using FLEEQ

What's up guys? It's the first day of the month and today I will be teaching you about FLEEQ and how to create a video tutorial in just 5 minutes.

Tools used:

Ducklink CaptureFLEEQ
Watch it here:
There is a FREE trial for FLEEQ so you can just signup and create your own FLEEQs!